Huamai company was founded in 2007 by executives with the ability and experience to stand out in a stainless steel construction for over 10 years through a broader view of the needs. To create a business-related, such as stainless steel, pipe and tank construction Commercial construction, building expansion. Start a business with a budget of one million, and with a clear marketing strategy. The company has continued to grow and increase in 2013 was 5 million for the expansion of the work. And market expansion. In sanitary piping systems, steam piping utility. Coolant Hose Ducting insulation system. And jackets to work. Construction of industrial piping systems, machinery, metal, steel, and electrical systems, etc., and to work quickly and on time with the highest quality and precision. The company decided to support the increase. Was performed by a team with relevant experience and capabilities long. To ensure that customers are the satisfaction and confidence high.

• Design and construction of stainless steel pipes and fittings.
• To build infrastructure within the industry.
• To expand housing and commercial buildings.
• To deal with any other topic.


Stanless Pipe

Cooling Tower


CIP. (Cleaning in place)

Clean Room
Fire Alarm
Water Drink System